Apparel Design, Production, Manufacturing, Pattern, Sample Making and Sewing Contractor.


For Apparel Business Professional, We are your business partner for all your Apparel production needs.

Salt lake city area apparel production company.  Provo city and nearby city's clients. Our store locate in Pleasant Grove City in Utah. Our company offer full range clothing manufacturing services to our customers that includes; fashion design, pattern making & sample making, pattern grading, cut & sew and oversea productions. Our long time apparel manufacturing experience will reducing our client's demanding time & production costs.

For Apparel Designer- We understand designer's  drawing and we can make right clothing pattern on our promised time. Our 25 yrs experience industrial pattern maker(previously worked Los Angeles CA garment industry) does most type of clothing pattern making. If you are the designer who can't find clothing pattern maker in your area for your clothing production sample, this is right place to get all your needs. We can provide clothing pattern as well as sample making all done in one place in very short time.  Furthermore we provide all different size pattern onsite using our pattern grading system. And we also provide clothing production in on site at short time turn around. 

For Apparel professional  who need Apparel Pattern Grading & Marker for their internal cut & Sew use - send us your pattern in a single size, and we will grade it for the range of sizes you desire. You can provide grading rules and specifications, or we can create grading rules and specs for your pattern. We use fully computerized latest industrial pattern grading system (StyleCad) to provide quick and most accurate result to our client. Computerized grading ensures repeatable, accurate results. It also means we can turn your grading around quickly, and perform high-volume grading tasks.

For Apparel professional who need cut & sew for he/her company's product-

We take small quantity sewing order for clothing business starter and all service are done in onsite. We previously worked as apparel manufacture Company many years in Los Angeles CA so we know all of necessary clothing manufacturing steps. Our apparel manufacturing experience will reduce your sewing production processing time and cost. All of our sewing machines and extra systems are heavy duty industrial machine for produce fast and large quantity production made easy and cost saving. 

Also we are sewing contractor for the company who need large quantity sewing production needs. Depend on type of sewing production, we use our internal(California) sewing partner or outsourcing (Guatemala, China, Indonesia) sewing partner.​

For Apparel professional who just start apparel business that need apparel design to final production- 

We provide total manufacturer service from provide fabric/trim sourcing, pattern and pre production sampling followed by marking, grading, cutting, sewing,  packing and shipping of finished production runs.

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